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Our Testimonials

I enjoy going to Florida Gulf Coast Hearing. It is obvious they really care about your needs. They make every effort to make sure they address and take care of your needs. I have gone to several hearing places. I prefer Billy Crooks hands down. He and all of his staff are caring, professional, efficient and you receive as good as or better pricing. You know when you are in the right place that serves your best interest!
I am happy to recommend Florida Gold Coast Hearing.

Roger Ratliff

The entire team at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing is stellar! The expert audiologists, Billy T. Crooks, whom I work with primarily, and Nicole, are dedicated to providing assistance beyond compare so that those of us truly challenged can hear anything and everything.
Billy has generously spent many hours with me to determine the best options in my case. Through trial and error, he has found the hearing aids that definitely perform the best for me.
Billy's warm, friendly, and concerned customer focus are to be marveled at! And he has made himself very available for emergency repairs and all else.
Bonnie and the support staff are tremendous, and very sympathetic to all issues. I am so grateful to the entire practice!

For those of us unfortunate enough to be hearing challenged, Florida Gulf Coast will fill every need and may change your life - you will enjoy comfortably conversing much more than you thought was possible! And it's a joy to hear the television without blowing your partner out of the room!
Thank you so much to all for taking such wonderful care of me! Your lovely attitudes and peerless skill have stimulated me to write a review! And my wife thanks you, too, as I can now hear her!
Enthusiastic gratitude from

Glen Estrin

My recent experience was, as expected…excellent. Nicole Diehl squeezed me into her schedule to manage a problem with my hearing device. She has been incredible to work with and I have recommended her to several of my friends. I have been reluctant to consider any hearing device until my wife made me aware how important it was to her.

Nicole’s knowledge and experience is only outdone by her total dedication to a patient’s happiness. Please know that many of my friends and associates are surprised that I was willing to explore hearing devices…let alone recommend them…if you see Nicole Diehl.

With appreciation,


Since 2016 I have used Phonak CrossFit, battery operated, hearing aids which I purchased from the Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center through Angela Waite.
Last month, after a repair was needed to one of my Phonak aids, Billy T Crooks advised that Oticon developed rechargeable & Bluetooth capable hearing aids for single sided deaf patients and that they may help me more than the Phonak’s aids can do.
I tried a sample pair for a week and purchased them late last April.
They are working perfectly and have definitely improved my limited hearing capability.
I now wear them while doing all activities, including pickleball, which has noticeably helped up my game since I can hear my partners words now.
The battery life is excellent.
They are down to around 25% when I recharge them at bedtime.
The Bluetooth is working perfectly for phone calls, Pandora Music and internet news. If I turn off the Bluetooth on my iPhone, the hearing aids automatically connect to my iPad & vice versa.
I want to give Bill T Crooks my highest compliment for his superb professional services for my single sided deafness disability.
He is a professional extraordinaire and should be recognized for his superb assistance to a very satisfied patient.
Best Regards,

Bill Mitchell

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