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Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)

Auditory Processing Disorder, or APD, is when there is no physical problem with the ears, but the brain cannot process the information the individual is hearing fast enough or accurately enough. While APD can be diagnosed as young as eight years old, sometimes it isn’t detected until adolescence. APD can be diagnosed by professional audiologists at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center.

Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment in Naples & Estero, FL

What Does APD Look Like?

Central Auditory Processing Disorders can often look very different in different people. It often looks like an individual isn’t listening or doesn’t care. They may seem distracted, aloof, or even disobedient. Many times, children in school with APD will instead be diagnosed with behavioral or learning issues. Because of this, APD can be difficult to diagnose.

What It’s Like to Have Auditory Processing Disorder

A good way to understand Auditory Processing Disorder is by imagining a scenario that those with APD encounter all the time. Imagine that you are in a very noisy location, such as a children’s birthday party. You are sitting next to friends and one of them is telling a story, but you find it very hard to follow with all the noise of the children laughing. You pull out your phone and start checking your messages. After a few minutes, your friend grabs your arm and says your name, asking if you’re all right. They had been trying to get your attention by calling your name, but you hadn’t heard them.

This is just one scenario that someone with Auditory Processing Disorder could experience. It is very difficult because the person with APD has no control over what auditory signals get through in certain situations.

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder

There are several symptoms of auditory processing disorder, and they can be very different for every affected individual. If you or your child experience the following occurrences, call our team at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center and set up an appointment.

  • Difficulty with reading and spelling
  • Appearance of daydreaming or not listening
  • Behavior issues such as distraction, impulsiveness, or frustration when there is too much noise
  • Difficulty listening in background noise
  • Difficulty following complex oral instructions
  • Varied response to auditory stimuli
  • Short auditory attention span
  • Verbal requests are often met with “huh?” or “what?” after several repetitions

Auditory Processing Evaluation

When an individual comes to Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center for diagnosis and treatment for their hearing difficulties, we will first do some tests to rule out common disorders and abnormalities. Often, APD is first noticed in young children. We require that patients are eight years or older, as it can be difficult to diagnose auditory processing disorder in children younger than that.

Currently, there are no cures for auditory processing disorders, but our team at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center can help with evaluation, diagnosis, and tips for managing auditory processing disorder. This evaluation can also provide guidance and direction for professionals to help develop a treatment to lessen the impact of APD and help the individual to succeed.

Contact Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center

Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center’s team provides comprehensive hearing services, including hearing evaluations, assisted listening devices, and therapeutic programs. We prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing loss using advanced technologies and our certified audiologists. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for an auditory processing disorder evaluation, contact us today at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Centers.

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