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How is your hearing range, really? This simple quiz can help get you started on your path to understanding your hearing health.

1. Do you have difficulty understanding the other person on the telephone?


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Our work doesn't end after you're fit with hearing aids. We provide ongoing hearing aid support. Our goal is to continue to help refine, optimize, and improve your life experience once you start wearing the technology. See below for a couple videos as examples of the support we provide:

Cleaning Your Hearing AidCleaning Your Hearing Aid Phonak Hearing Aid InstructionsPhonak Hearing Aid Instructions

Common Misconceptions About Hearing Loss

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

  • "What I’m missing isn’t that important..."
  • "I hear what I need to hear..."
  • "Other people mumble..."
  • "I don’t have problems hearing..."
  • "My hearing loss isn’t that bad, I’ll wait to..."

If you or a loved one have said or thought any of the above, it may be time to seriously consider hearing rehabilitation. Studies show hearing loss significantly impacts your quality of life with one prominent study showing untreated hearing loss is linked to depression, anxiety, social isolation in seniors. More recent research also shows that neglecting hearing loss can accelerate its progression. Correcting hearing loss with hearing aids can keep hearing impairment from getting worse.

Common Complaints and Misconceptions About Hearing Aids

If you've found yourself thinking any of the following myths about hearing loss, just click to read what we have to say on the subject.

"My Hearing Aid Whistles Constantly"

Usually a “whistling” hearing aid is a sign that the aid has not been fit correctly or the aid is malfunctioning. Here at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center we will ensure you are fit appropriately and your hearing aids are in good working order for you.

"Hearing Aids Make Me Look Old"

Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most new hearing aids are cosmetically very appealing and barely noticeable when you are wearing them. This makes most newer hearing aids both very comfortable to wear and almost invisible to others.

"I Can’t Hear in Crowds or Noisy Places"

This is a common complaint with many hearing aid users. However, newer, more sophisticated hearing aid technologies are now available to significantly reduce this problem. Multiple or directional microphones and special noise suppression programs can help to eliminate these issues.

"I Sound Like I’m in a Barrel When I Wear My Hearing Aids"

This is called the “occlusion effect” and occurs when the ear canal is closed off by the hearing aid. This traps and reflects the sound between the ear canal and the eardrum, giving a non-natural barrel quality to amplified incoming sound. Newer types of hearing aids called “open-fit” hearing aids nearly eliminate this issue and other types of hearing aids may need to be “ported” or have small holes made in the models to allow sound to escape. This is why the right hearing aid and the correct fitting can make all the difference in your hearing aid experience.

"Hearing Aids Are Too Expensive"

There are many different types of hearing aids. Price often varies based on the level of hearing aid technology, hearing aid size and optional features added to your hearing aid. Basic hearing aids are very affordable for most people. Here at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center we offer competitive pricing, payment options as well as credit plans to assist you with your purchase. Isn’t your quality of life is worth it? Call or come in today!

"I Can’t Use Them on the Phone"

Numerous hearing aid options are available to connect you clearly while using your home or cellular phone.

"They Are Too Complicated"

Hearing aids can be as basic or complex as you desire. Here at Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center, our hearing professionals will give you as much training as you need to confidently use your hearing devices.

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