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Hearing Loss Management During Holiday in Naples & Estero, FL
Take steps to address your hearing loss before the holiday season so you can enjoy conversations with friends and family.

It’s the holiday season and that can mean lots of gatherings and parties with family and friends. But with all the fun and festivities come noise – laughing, children, music, football games on TV. For those who have any degree of hearing loss, all this noise can make it even more difficult to hear others and have conversations. Keep reading for tips on how to have more effective communication with your friends and family during noisy holiday celebrations.

Be Proactive

If you know you’re struggling to hear, make an appointment with an audiologist before the holidays. Give yourself enough time to get fitted for and get used to a new hearing aid so you’re better prepared when the holidays come around. If you already have a hearing aid, make an appointment to get it checked to make sure it’s working properly and you can hear as well as you should be.

Let Others Know

Be open about your hearing loss and let others know how they can help you hear better. Ask people to face you directly and to speak more slowly and clearly. Also, ask them to speak louder without shouting. Let them know if you can’t hear or didn’t understand what they said and ask them to repeat it.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Try to be in the brightest place possible with good lighting. This will help you be able to see the other person better. Pay attention to gestures and facial expressions to help you better understand what is being said. Use your own body language, if necessary, by cupping your hand behind your ear to indicate you’re having trouble hearing.

Find a Quiet Location

Step away from the noise for better conversations. Try to find the quietest location possible, such as a room without a TV or music or loud talkers.

Keep It Small

Stick to conversations with just one or two people. More people make it difficult for you to follow varying voice levels and facial expressions.

Consider an Assistive Listening Device

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) can help you hear more clearly in one-to-one conversations. They are handheld amplifiers with microphones that deliver sound directly to your hearing device. They reduce surrounding noise, so you can understand words more clearly.

Florida Gulf Coast Hearing Center Can Help

Treating hearing loss is important for better communication with family, friends, and co-workers. With locations in Naples, FL, and Estero, FL, our hearing centers offer comprehensive hearing services, including hearing exams and evaluations and hearing aid fittings and hearing aid repair. Visit us before the holidays to check your hearing aid for maximum effectiveness and comfort so you can participate in lively discussions and enjoy the festivities!